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If you’ve ever thought about equipping your bathroom with an automatic soap dispenser, now it’s finally the time to do it! Not only will FOAMatic look fancy and modern in any interior, it will also add convenience to your whole routine and improve hygiene at the same time. How?

You don’t even have to touch FOAMatic to be able to use it, and that’s why it’s a lot more hygienic than traditional dispensers. This device eliminates the need of a contact which results in fewer germs and cleaner surfaces overall. It means that by using FOAMatic you’re able to avoid A LOT of bacteria every single day!

What makes FOAMatic so special?

FOAMatic is a lightweight, stylish, and easy to use device that uses infrared motion sensors to keep you away from germs and help you live a healthier life. It’s a perfect choice for everyone who’s looking for practical, fuss-free ways to boost their overall health!

Since FOAMatic is also a foaming dispenser, it uses less soap by pump, making it last longer. It means that not only does this device limit the spread of germs, but also allows you to reduce the waste of soap and become more efficient! Not to mention its universal capabilities – while some of other automatic dispensers can only be used with specific liquid, FOAMatic also works with shower gel, shampoo, various cleansers, dishwashing liquid, etc.

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How to buy FOAMatic?

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