• Completely contact free with a built-in infrared sensor and 0.2s foaming for instant bubbling: easy to access large amounts of foam without contact
  • Long-lasting battery: it can be used up to 6 months if equipped with 4 AAA batteries, besides it automatically turns to sleep mode when not used, thus saving the battery life
  • Large capacity: there is no need to refill the dispenser frequently, since the capacity is 350ml
  • Highly hygienic: automatic sensors help you avoid the spread of bacteria
  • Durable & silent: motor speed is up to 7000rpm and it can rotate 50,000 times in total. In addition, its smart silent motor will leave you undisturbed when it works
  • Suitable for multiple liquids: various kinds of liquid can be put into this dispenser, from hand soap, shower gel, shampoo to facial cleanser or even dishwashing liquids.

All of these features are there to assure you get the best product of this kind. Maybe it is about time you switch from regular soaps and press-type dispenser to this convenient and useful gadget that can fit in most places of the house, be it bathroom or kitchen, due to its simple and yet practical design, for a more sanitary living?